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Chris Pastras

Chris Pastras

Sponsors: Stereo, Dekline, Bones Swiss, Hi Fi Wheels, Ace Tricks, WeSC
Home Town: Metuchen, NJ
Lives In: Los Angeles, CA

Dune was part of the original Shut Skateboards team in the late 80’s. Currently Chris runs Stereo skateboards with the help of Jason Lee and a tight little crew of special agents. Chris has always been a talented skateboarder and that’s why he is part of  the Dekline family.

Chris's favorites...
Food: Indian, Spanish, Italian, Ethiopian, and good ole' Mexican.
Video: Alien videos, old Deluxe videos, any Guy or MJ parts, Enjoi video, and the Stereo videos.
Music: I love old Jazz and Country. Thelonious Monk box set has been playing at my house on repeat  
for a good month. I like to skate to the Clash and old alternative 80's and early 90's stuff lately.
Advice: Don't lose the kid in you.
Secret: Do what you do better than anyone else and keep on keeping on.

Enjoy The Ride
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