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Dekline Pool Party

Today we were finishing things up in NC and headed up towards Richmond.  Found a sick back yard pool, Zarosh was hyped and had a great day.  Click the thumbnail for more photos.

1 First spot was “The Wave”
2 Melcher passes on the wave and reads a novel
3 Rodent broke his finger today
4 Zarosh rolling in
5 Man down
6 Jason lurking in Downtown Durham
7 Olly Todd feeling the southern eats
8 Zarosh is still hyped on his free camera
9 Everyday we are asked what band are we in? Gareth tells everyone we are in a band called “The Secrets”
10 “The Secrets” South East Tour schedule
11Cook Out is a must
12 Cook Out Everyday…twice a day
13 On the way to Virginia we went to a backyard pool
14 The Good Life
15 Zarosh smiths the deep end
16 Gareth caves the stairs
17 Zarosh backtail over the stairs
18 Best backyard pool in NC
19 Pool Party
20 Carolina mud
21 Gareth’s bug bites are eating him alive

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First spot was “The Wave”
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