Dekline True Blue Video

Dekline 2nd Night Vampire Sesh

1: Sinclair arrived a day late on the tour so here was the scene when I arrived at
the hotel. Rockin' Jam Sesh...
2: We met up with Matt Swinsky and checked out his ATL spot book. Organized as F@$*
3: Turns out the bump to rail is skate proofed.....
4: Pretty much the worst skate proof attempt I’ve ever seen. Wrench + 10 minutes + pry bar = Skate Sesh!
6. Gareth warms up with a Backside 180.
7. Then he tail tapped that shit.
8. Rolled to one more spot.
9. 2:52am......called it a night.

GTailBanger_tiny.JPG PeepinPicks_tiny.JPG SupBall_tiny.JPG CrewWorkinontheSpot_tiny.JPG RemovingOpression_tiny.JPG GBS180_tiny.JPG WhatTheSpot_tiny.JPG NightJam_tiny.JPG WorkinHard_tiny.JPG
Tail Banger! Hit it G!....Taking Color coordination to a new Level Pants>Board Logo.
Posted May 2nd, 2008 by August
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