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Dekline Some Dekline news for yer ear.

Our guys just got back from Europe safe with stories we're not at liberty to tell...

Gareth has a 4 page interview in the July 2004 issue of Transworld skateboarding called "9 Lives" pages 190-193.

Melcher is Back from Europe and on the road to Texas with Black Label Teammate Ragdoll and later in the summer doing a US Summer tour.

Ben is back in Birmingham and eyeing a few local spots (sent us Photo's) that are just insane. The "Barbarian" has some battles ahead.

Cyril has been skating the LA, Long Beach area with all kinds of heads shooting photo's & filming. Keep your eye's peeled.

Dekline Flow Rider's Sammy Baca & Josh Perkins have been skating like crazy traveling all over the US. Perkins from Capenedick Maine started his US travels in Arizona hitting up the Phoenix Am landing 7th place after qualifying 1st in the "eliminator" round. Great Job Josh! From there he hit up Los Angeles and then is currently working his way back east.

Sammy from Las Vegas is currently staying in Los Angeles skating & filming having fun with his friends giving Dekline's shoes a good run for their money.

Posted May 6th, 2004 by el laffo

Dekline THREESIXTEEN Skateboarding contest series

Dekline want’s to congratulate the winners of the April 24th contest at Wooden Waves Skate Park, Reading, PA.

Free Pair of Dekline Shoes Awarded to:
Intermediate & Bowl Jam: MARK SCHWARTZ 1st Place.
Advanced: AARON BEAM 1st Place.
Bowl Jam: RYAN SLOVAK 2nd.
Bowl Jam: TYLER QUINN 3rd place.



Posted May 4th, 2004 by August
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