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Dekline Something Else!

THRASHER MAGAZINE ISSUE 281 Gareth has done landed himself on the "Something Else" page in the New Thrasher page 236 with a sequence of him attempting to backside 180 the Infamous "El Toro" set. In his last days of filming for the new Foundation "Thatís Life Flick" Gareth went for his last chance to pull it off before editing had to be done and unfortunately didnít bring enough boards or limbs to conquer the task. Check out the footage in the special features of "Thatís Life". Good Work Gareth.
Posted April 27th, 2004 by August

Dekline Dekline in Europe?

Ben Gilley and Patrick Melcher are currently traveling Europe with the Black Label team and according to an e-mail I had just received from Ben they were on their way to Italy. He sounded really excited to be heading to new places and skate new spots. While they were in Paris he said they ran into Gareth Stehr and Corey Duffel on their Foundation trip. Good times and sick skating. Weíll keep you posted on more to comeÖ.
Posted April 26th, 2004 by August
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