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Dekline What is up with those Dekline guys!?

Patrick Melcher is filming and staring in a video shoot for a Flogging Molly video. Skateboarding, cruising on his scooter, shooting pool, and doing his gig.

Gareth Stehr, apart from having a very creepy mustache, just turned 21!!!!!

Ben Gilley just moved back to and is now living in Birmingham, Alabama for a little while...Skateboarding all the time and hanging out at Faith Skate Shop.

Cyril Mountain, along with the rest of team is traveling to the Windy City of Chicago for a mini Halloween photo tour. On all Hallows eve the guys will be at a ramp party on an indoor ramp somewhere outside the city. Ghostly skateboarding.

Posted November 17th, 2003 by The Dekline of all that you know
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